Food bank to host listening tour to learn from those facing food insecurity

via The Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON – Facing Hunger Foodbank plans to join Feeding America’s initiative “Elevating Voices to End Hunger Together,” an effort aimed to collect input from people facing food insecurity. 

Through Elevating Voices to End Hunger together, the reeding America nationwide network rood banks will engage In a variety of activities to reach people in the community, listen and learn with the goal of co-creating solutions to be shared with the White House, which has set a goal to end hunger by 2030. 

“As the nationwide network or food banks, food pantries and meal programs, Feeding America provides billions of meals to tens of millions of people each year.” said Vince Hal, Chief Government Relations Officer at Feeding America. “The network covers every county, borough and parish and Elevating Voices aims to amplify the power and voices of neighbors in need across the country. Feeding America believes that communIties understand the solutions to their problems better than anyone, and we want to help surface those solutions to inform policies and programs to end hunger.”

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