City of Huntington gives Facing Hunger Foodbank $500,000

via The Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON – A local community organization can continue work to help residents with
aid from the City of Huntington.

Huntington Mayor Steve Williams delivered a $500.000 check on behalf of the city Wednesday to Facing Hunger Foodbank. The nonprofit serves about 130,000 people a month, said Chief Executive Officer Cyndi Kirkhart

Williams said the city has the resources to “do those things that are necessary. not just things that are needed.” Facing Hunger saw an increase in individuals who needed support during the coronavirus pandemic. About a third of Huntington’s population lives under the poverty level. with another 20% who are barely above it, he added.

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  1. Bren Martin

    Thanks Mayor WIlliams for the half million dollar donation for such an important cause! People need food as well as living wages to afford to feed their families.

    The average meal cost in the US is $3.25 and around $2.87 in the TriState, so it’s Amazing that this organization can get 9 meals for $1. Amazing!

    I signed up and hoping to learn what help is needed most and blends….


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