Volunteers paint mural on front of Facing Hunger Foodbank during United Way of the River Cities’ 2023 Week of Action

HUNTINGTON — More than 10 volunteers painted a new mural on the front of Facing Hunger Foodbank in Huntington on Thursday as part of United Way of the River Cities’ 2023 Week of Action.

Starting at 9 a.m., the volunteers painted a variety of fruits and vegetables, including a banana, apples, a carrot and broccoli, on the front of Facing Hunger’s building on 7th Avenue.

“The community at large needs more uplifting, I believe,” said Tara Herbert, United Way of the River Cities’ engagement coordinator. “And just to be able to paint a mural and bring volunteers and community members together and make connections and relationships is probably one of the most precious gifts that we, as United Way of the River Cities, can give to somebody.

“As for the mural itself, I think it’s gorgeous because we’re painting right now and we’re showing the food of Facing Hunger for the public to see when they drive by it, so then they see what Facing Hunger’s really about,” Herbert said.

The mural was designed by Jennifer Beaumont, who drew up the design and sent it to the food bank, said Samantha Edwards, chief development officer at Facing Hunger.

Beaumont’s husband, Robbie Poore, Facing Hunger’s inventory manager, assisted in the execution of the project by doing the layout design and stencils for the mural so it would be ready to paint, Edwards said.

Facing Hunger also provided the supplies that the volunteers used to paint the mural, Herbert said.

“We knew that we wanted to be part of the Week of Action again this year, so we brainstormed what kind of projects we could have them do,” Edwards said. “I think, with the addition (of) this mural on our building, it will help bring more awareness that we are here and that we are a food bank, and hopefully, in turn, that will help educate the public and others to know: one, that we exist, and then, two, what it is that we do and those that we serve and that food insecurity is very prevalent in our area. And so, hopefully that’ll inspire people to get involved, to come volunteer, to donate and to just be a part of our mission.

“A lot of people, when we talk to them, they don’t know where we’re located,” Edwards said. “They may know somewhere on 7th Avenue, but the hope is, with this mural, that it’ll just bring more awareness and kind of help guide people to our location.”

According to Herbert, Facing Hunger is one of 11 United Way of the River Cities funded partners that have been or will be visited by volunteers to complete projects as part of the 2023 Week of Action that began Monday and runs through Saturday.

Volunteers with United Way of the River Cities visited and worked on projects at Guyan River Public Library in Branchland, West Virginia, and Dress for Success River Cities in Huntington on Monday; Harmony House and Cabell County Public Library in Huntington on Tuesday; Wayne County Community Services Organization’s food pantry in Fort Gay, West Virginia and Children’s Home Society of West Virginia in Huntington on Wednesday; and, in addition to Facing Hunger, Community Mission Outreach’s food pantry in Chesapeake, Ohio, on Thursday.

On Friday, volunteers with United Way of the River Cities will also visit Harvest for the Hungry in Ironton from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Week of Action will wrap up on Saturday with volunteers visiting Goodwill at 1005 Virginia Ave. in Huntington from 10 a.m. to noon.

United Way of the River Cities will also have a volunteer appreciation party for those who have volunteered with United Way of the River Cities the whole year on Saturday, Herbert said.

Link to Herald-Dispatch article: https://www.herald-dispatch.com/news/volunteers-paint-mural-on-front-of-facing-hunger-foodbank-during-united-way-of-the-river/article_fb01f1fd-57ae-533a-801b-a04cc4dbc143.html

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  1. Bonita Moore

    I think this is awesome people are getting out there to help if I was able to I would be right there with them very proud of them


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