Spirits of Giving Bourbon Raffle

Embrace the Spirit of Giving and Win Bourbon!

Join us in an extraordinary raffle event, “The Spirits of Giving,” where your generosity helps us in the fight against hunger. This unique bourbon raffle is not just a chance to win amazing prizes, but an opportunity  to make a real difference in the lives of those we serve.

Raffle Details:

  • Ticket Price: $100 each
  • Limited Tickets: Only 1,000 available
  • Drawing Date: December 15th


  • First Place Prize: [Placeholder for First Prize]
  • Second Place Prize: [Placeholder for Second Prize]
  • Third Place Prize: [Placeholder for Third Prize]

Each ticket you purchase brings us closer to our goal of alleviating hunger and supporting our community. Your participation means everything to us and to those Facing Hunger Foodbank assists.

Purchase your raffle ticket:

$100 per ticket!

992 in stock

You will receive an email with your unique ticket number(s).

The Impact of Your Contribution:

By joining “The Spirits of Giving” raffle, you’re not only entering a chance to win exceptional bourbon prizes, but you’re also contributing directly to the Facing Hunger Foodbank. Your generosity will aid in providing essential food resources to families and individuals in need.

Your giving makes a real impact.

Every year Facing Hunger Foodbank serves over 130,000 souls while distributing food though our 250+ partner agencies and programs, including: soup kitchens, community centers, church food pantries, family crisis centers, school feeding programs, recovery centers, and homeless shelters for adults and children.

By accessing food from the Foodbank, rather than purchasing from commercial outlets, each of these partner agencies has expanded resources to advance their own missions. This food is recovered and secured from restaurants, supermarkets, food distributors, the USDA, farmers, wholesalers, sportsmen, and through food and fund drives.

Every $1 that is donated, Facing Hunger is able to provide 9 meals to those at the center of our work, with 96¢ of every dollar going directly to our programs.

We are more than just emergency hunger relief. We have a variety of programs that focus on children, seniors, families & individuals, and those diagnosed with chronic diseases.