Facing Hunger Foodbank, West End Group Provide Food to 400 Families

via The Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON — With volunteers from the West End Neighborhood Watch Facebook Group, Facing Hunger Foodbank provided meals to 400 families during their Wednesday food distribution in the West End of Huntington.

The food distribution is designed to feed the community, especially older people and people with disabilities.

As two food bank trucks pulled up to the former Big Lots plaza, employees and volunteers carried food to distribute to the community. Recipients were asked to pull up in their cars, but elderly people, people with disabilities and the homeless were allowed to stand in a line to make sure they received food first.

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  1. Misty

    I’m aware of this food bank and I know many different people that you all have helped in the past. Those people didn’t know how or when they were going to be able to put a meal on their table for their families but because of the kindness and caring of your heart they were able to do so. I remember when this one mother of three had lost her job, the father of her children had just gotten up and left them with nothing, not even a goodbye and because of your food bank she was no longer crying, and wondering what she was going to do to supply at least one meal for one more day to her children, and then she was told about how she was able to receive help with donations for food from your food bank and due to your help, she had done just that. I can really say that the kindness of your heart with starting this hunger food bank has really been a lifesaver to so many people and their families so thank you and may you and the volunteers be blessed and have many great things come to you and your family for all that you have done and continue doing for all the other families in time of need.


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